Advanced Governance Diagnostics

The FairShares Association’s governance auditing and diagnostic tools were strongly influenced by longitudinal studies and academic articles written at Sheffield Hallam University.

Key works include:

The advanced diagnostics are comprehensive – you’ll need 30 – 45 minutes to do them.  They are designed as both CPD tools to develop individuals capacity, and as aids for organisation development so that governing bodies / social entrepreneurs can advance thinking from FairShares Model – Level 1 (Coaching/Social Audit) towards Levels 2 (Design Principles) and 3 (Reconstituting the Enterprise).  The diagnostics collect stakeholder perspectives on the governance principles that are operating in a selected organisation.

Download these documents:

Advanced Governance Diagnostics Questionnaire (The questionnaire – fill in first)

Advanced Governance Diagnostics Interpretation (Interpreting results – use second)

Online Version for Learning and Teaching

For help interpreting the results, see the documentation on the FairShares Wiki.

This spreadsheet will help you make sense of your results (enter your orientation scores into the grey boxes to generate a chart):

Advanced Governance Diagnostics Results Calculator

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