Advanced Management Diagnostics

The FairShares Association’s advanced management diagnostics build on the statements in the social enterprise survey. They test for the prevalence of each characteristic in an enterprise that you specify (it might be a social, public or private enterprise). 

This diagnostic tool uses ideas published in:

  • Ridley-Duff, R. J. and Southcombe, C. (2012) “The Social Enterprise Mark: a critical review of its conceptual dimensions”, Social Enterprise Journal, 8(3): 176-200,
  • Ridley-Duff, R. J. and Bull, M. (2011) Understanding Social Enterprise: Theory and Practice, London: Sage Publications,

The diagnostics presents 18 statements derived from a composite list of social enterprise characteristics included in five different theories of social enterprise. You comment on the prevalence of each characteristic in an organisation of your choice.

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For help interpreting the results, see the documentation on the FairShares Wiki.


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