Advanced Wealth Audit

The FairShares Association’s wealth audit was influenced by writing a book chapter for a Japanese text on social enterprise and a paper on workforce participation.

  • Ridley-Duff, R. and Wren, D. (2017) ‘Social Economy, Sustainability and the FairShares Model’, paper to RurAction Conference, Poznan, 4 – 6 December.
  • Ridley-Duff, R. J. and Ponton, A. (2013) “Workforce Participation: developing a theoretical framework for longitudinal research”, Journal of Co-operative Studies, Vol. 46(3), pp. 3-23,
  • Turnbull, S. (2002) A New Way to Govern, London: New Economics Foundation

This survey builds on the advanced participation diagnostics by asking how each area of enterprise activity affects the creation (increase) or depletion (decrease) of six forms of wealth (natural, human, social, intellectual, manufactured and financial).  It helps to audit how primary stakeholders perceive wealth creation so that wealth contributions can be understood at a deeper level. This generic survey can be tailored (by arrangement) for a specific organisation to further explore the results of an initial participation audit.

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For help interpreting the results, see the documentation on the FairShares Wiki.

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