Advanced Diagnostics

FairShares DiagnosticsIntroductory auditing tools are used to prepare staff for the FairShares Advanced Diagnostics

The advanced management, participation and governance diagnostics enable supporters to investigate how their social enterprise values are perceived by a full range of stakeholders. Our diagnostics are designed to help practising managers develop strategies for the future, whilst also meeting the association’s research needs to map practices in the social economy.


Advanced Diagnostics

The following diagnostic tools enable members, managers and governors to share knowledge about which social enterprise values matter to stakeholders, the levels of participation desired by the workforce, and the challenges of governing six stakeholder groups:

  • Advanced Management Diagnostics
    (this survey tool helps you to track and rank the social enterprise values that matter to your stakeholders)
  • Advanced Participation Diagnostics
    (this survey tool establishes the areas of management that workers/members want to increase or decrease their participation)
  • Advanced Wealth Audit
    (this survey tool enables a group of people to evaluate the creation / depletion of six types of capital through its operations, culture, products and services)
  • Advanced Governance Diagnostics
    (this survey tools further builds the governing capacity of members, managers and governors by presenting 24 dilemmas that need resolution)

FairShares Advanced Diagnostic tools are all underpinned by award winning ‘internationally excellent research‘ conducted by Dr Rory Ridley-Duff (Reader in Co-operative and Social Enterprise, Sheffield Hallam University), Dr Tracey Coule (Principal Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University) and Cliff Southcombe (MD of Social Enterprise Europe). They are the product of two PhDs and numerous peer-reviewed journal papers.