FairShares Institute

On 25th January 2017, the Research and Innovation Office of Sheffield Hallam University approved seed funding for a FairShares Institute for Cooperative Social Entrepreneurship at Sheffield Business School. The steering group met throughout 2017 and has now produced a project report.  Feel free to circulate / disseminate this report to your network.

The project to create the FairShares Institute moved into a new phase in 2018, preparing a business plan with the goal of operating on a permanent basis from September 2018:

The project report highlights:

  • Early adopters of the FairShares Model
  • Key Research  Themes
  • Research networks to support application of the FairShares Model
  • Knowledge transfer activities (FairShares Labs / Innovation Projects)
  • Learning and Education Programme with other universities
  • The future of the FairShares Institute
  • Contact information