Social Enterprise Survey

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The FairShares Association’s social enterprise survey was developed from Table 4 of the following academic paper.

  • Ridley-Duff, R. J. and Southcombe, C. (2012) “The Social Enterprise Mark: a critical review of its conceptual dimensions”, Social Enterprise Journal, 8(3): 176-200,

This survey presents 18 statements derived from a composite list of social enterprise characteristics in five different theories of social enterprise.  You can explore your attitude (and find out about others’ attitudes) to each characteristic.  This is often a precursor to using the advanced management diagnostics to find out how deeply your stakeholders think these characteristics are embedded in your social enterprise.

Click here for: Assessing Social Enterprise Values Survey

For help interpreting the results, see the documentation on the FairShares Wiki.


You can use Advanced Management Diagnostics to find out how prevalent these values are in a selected organisation.

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