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A Community Dividend is paid out if a FairShares Company or Co-operative is dissolved, has Residual Assets above a pre-set amount, and has been in receipt of a grant from a public or charitable organisation. To calculate the Community Dividend, the Community Dividend Fraction is calculated using the forumula:

[community and public funding] / ([community and public funding] + [shareholder funds])

The Community Dividend is calculated as follows:

([shareholder funds] + [profit and loss account] + [other assets]) * [community dividend fraction].

Below is a worked example where:

  • Community and Public Funding = £50,000
  • Shareholder Funds = £345,000
  • Profit and Loss Account = £200,000
  • Assets - Liabilities = £100,000

Community Dividend Fraction

£50k / (£50k + £345k) = 13%

Residual Assets

£345k + £200k + £100 = £645k

Community Dividend

£645k * 13% =  £81,646

The Community Dividend is divided equally between the organisations specified in Clause 54(b). If no organisations are specified, the community dividend is divided between the Investor Shareholders.

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