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The FairShares Association is a FairShares Enterprise run by its members (see [1]). It is currently a project supported by Social Enterprise Europe, with its own constitution and governing processes. Supporter subscriptions are processed by Social Enterprise Europe.


The FairShares Association advocates vibrant communities in which adults become co-owners of the organisations on which they depend for work, consumer goods and public services. As barriers to ownership are minimised, so the values of mutuality, trust and reciprocity will take root, strengthening the community and eliminating poverty.

Members share a mission to protect and promote the FairShares Brand through the application of Co-operative Values and Principles in the development of the FairShares Model by specialist consultants, companies and co-operatives.

On Ownership

  • Founder Shares are issued to individuals whose contributions to knowledge made the FairShares Model and Brand possible (intellectual capital).
  • Labour Shares will be issued consultants, educators and consultancy organisations who have made an independent, permanent, lasting contribution to the FairShares Model (human and intellectual capital).
  • User Shares will be issued to individuals and organisations who spread use of the model in their work and enter into a Social Licence agreement with an authorised provider of FairShares IP (social capital).
  • Investor Shares are issued to members who create and contribute capital to support the development of the FairShares Brand and FairShares Model (financial capital).

On the Issue of Shares

On Values and Principles

The FairShares Association was awarded the co-operative marque by the ICA on 5th March 2014.

FS coopmarque.png

Membership Offers

If you would like to be considered for membership, sign-up as a supporter. The FairShares Association has devised qualifying contributions for members.