Model Rules

We provide model rules to help people apply the FairShares Model to practice. Ownership of a FairShares enterprise is achieved by admitting members and practising co-operative management. If it is registered as a company or co-operative, it can also offer members a chance to purchase (or acquire) a shareholding. In companies and co-operatives (Founder, Labour and User) members acquire par value shares that control participation in governance and the distribution of dividends. Investors acquire ordinary (investor) shares that represent the capital created by – or contributed to – the enterprise.

In FairShares associations and partnerships, members gain governance rights and control the allocation of surpluses. 

Read this case study of early adopters in the US and UK.

Using our Model Rules to Define Ownership

Click here for: FairShares V3.0 Rules Generator

Using our new rules generator, you can prepare trial, draft and final rules for companies, cooperatives, associations and partnerships. The process is configurable and available in English. We are working on systems for different countries, jurisdictions and legal frameworks, and also in different languages.

This association is constituted so that:

  • Initial Founder Members are recognised for forming the association and contributing knowledge that made the FairShares Model and brand possible.
  • Labour Members are recognised for contributions to the development of the FairShares Model, and IP contributions that improve the creation and development process for new FairShares enterprises.
  • User Members are recognised for their work in spreading use and understanding of the FairShares Model through education curricula, consultancy reports and practice.

If you have helped to develop the FairShares Model, or use it in teaching and enterprise development, apply for free members of the association using our web-based application form.

The association was awarded the co-operative marque on 5th April 2014 by the International Co-operative Alliance. We incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee on 17th July 2015.

FairShares co-operative marque

FairShares co-operative marque