Subscribers and members share a mission to develop the FairShares brand and model through the application of Co-operative Values and Principles in the development of the FairShares Model by specialist consultants, providers of education, companies and co-operatives. 

We are establishing an annual subscription system for people who want to support FairShares and contribute to the costs of developing the FairShares Wiki and organising events.

To become a registered supporter, set-up an annual subscription.

Annual Subscriptions

For people who want to do more than express solidarity with the FairShares model, we have a membership scheme for:

  • Qualified consultants and consultancies who want to support the creation of FairShares enterprises;
  • Educators who want to embed materials about the FairShares Model in curricula;
  • Social Entrepreneurs who want to establish FairShares enterprises;
  • Social Investors who want to invest in the development of the FairShares Model.

Email to find out more information or join our Community Forum.