Membership / Subscriptions

FairShares membership is available free of charge to anyone who makes a “lasting and substantial contribution to the development or dissemination of the FairShares Model”. Our subscribers (financial contributors) and members (who develop and disseminate FairShares IP) share a mission to apply the FairShares through the application of Co-operative Values and Principles in the further development of the FairShares Model by specialist consultants, providers of education, companies and co-operatives. 

Our membership system gives recognition to those creating and using FairShares IP.

Our subscription system gives others a chance to support FairShares by contributing to the costs of making our IP available through websites and a FairShares Wiki.

Here is the latest information on membership and subscriptions.

To apply to become a Labour or User member.



To become a registered supporter, set-up an annual subscription.

Annual Subscriptions

Membership is free for Labour and User members if you meet any of the qualifying contribution(s). You will meet the conditions if you:

  • Have created a FairShares enterprise;
  • Have embedded materials about the FairShares Model in educational curricula;
  • Have signed an agreement or organised a project with Social Enterprise International to promote FairShares;
  • Have made any other ‘substantial and lasting contribution’ to developing FairShares.

Email to find out more information or join our Community Forum.