On 8th December 2016, at 8.30am, representatives from six partner organisations (VSBI, Social Enterprise Europe, ECOSynergy, Elephant, SLAP and KophHandUndFuss) walked through the door of the VSBI offices in Erfurt, Germany to begin the first transnational meeting of the FairSharesLabs project.

FairShares Model

The next meeting of transnational partners will take place on 27th June 2018 in Sheffield, United Kingdom. In this period, partners are working on a methodology for creating a FairShares Lab.  This brings together three elements of the FairShares Model:

  • Five values and principles
  • Six key questions for enterprise design and development
  • Four legal choices

…with technologies that will help professionals run a Living Lab:

  • Seven information technologies
  • Five social technologies

By combining them, we plan to support professionals to incubate FairShares Enterprise. Planning will be guided by the completion of a FairShares Canvass prior to incorporating them using an appropriate legal framework.